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by Alex Hurst

For NJ—Always with me, always in the same direction.


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Copyright 2013 Alex Hurst

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First Printing: March 2013

ISBN: 9781301612253



It is the shop of memories. Its stores are what moments we collect through our lives, those which gather dust or glory on the shelves of our mind. Some are forgotten, some boxed away; some touted as the very best of our life. Every article has meaning, every clipping, sensation. The store changes for each person. What will you see on its shelves? What will you find in its intimate interior?


Rag dolls hang from the ceiling of the shop, dangling on their strings like little marionettes. The faded, paisley fabric of their spindle legs makes every twist a ballet. Black, embroidered eyes and frozen smiles turn towards me, the only customer. It was the smell of book dust and potpourri that lured me to the corner; the whimsical display window that pulled me in. I have always had a weakness for stores like these. Something about them gives me a sense of comfort.

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