What others say about Dust of the Danakil:

Ian Mathie spent much of his working life in Africa, and has a deep knowledge of the land and peoples. This is his fourth volume of memoirs, and provides a fascinating glimpse into the difficulties faced on the ground when attempting to alleviate human suffering in hostile environments…. this is indeed a book worth reading.


Ian demonstrates not only his deep knowledge of and empathy with Africa from the inside, but his experience of the workings of the mandarins of Whitehall and the complexities of distributing aid.


Ian Mathie’s memoir is a heart-wrenching story of the Afar, a feared and invisible people passed over by progress and providence.

Even more than his previous memoirs, this book is a powerful political commentary, with the Afar and Danakil project serving as a sort of metaphor for aid projects in general. My hope and prayer is that world leaders will read and heed.


Ian's style is unpretentious. He makes no effort to dazzle you with prose. His books are journalistic masterpieces.


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