Hooking Up

~B.J. Scott~

Gay Erotica

Copyright 2010-12-08: Beau to Beau Books

All rights reserved



Included in: Hooking Up

1. Openers

2. Hooking Up #1: My Brother’s Secret Lover

3. Hooking Up #2: Cal’s First Time at the Baths

4. Hooking Up #3: Sneaking Out

5. Hooking Up #4: Brad’s Friday Guy


Hooking Up #1: My Brother’s Secret Lover


With the house dark, Scott thinks that no one is home, so he invites his lover inside. As they begin to do what they had come here to do, they do not realize that they are not alone.


The house was dark when Scott arrived home, and he thought that he and his lover, Abe, were alone. “Come on in, Abe. It’s all clear.” But the two secret lovers were not alone. Scott’s little brother stopped just short of being seen. He had never heard Scott talk so softly, or so sweetly. He was usually yelling, at him. So Scott’s little brother stopped in the hall closet, leaving the door open just enough to hear what was going on. Then he heard Abe’s voice. “I know that voice,” he said to himself. Then he realized that it was his friend, Abe. “What is he doing here with Scott?” he wondered. Mikey, Scott’s little brother, listened carefully to Abe and Scott. He heard Scott’s lowered voice. “Go lock the door, Abe.” “Okay,” he heard Abe say. Then Mikey heard the click of the front door lock.

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