The Commerce Club

by Chris Snow

Copyright 2011 by Chris Snow

Smashwords Edition

The Commerce Club


The idea of The Commerce Club came from a discussion between two old friends late one night at a “Gentlemen’s Club”. Both Ian and John were successful businessmen, and at the time, both were married. By chance they had been staying at the same hotel on an overnight business trip. Over dinner they had agreed that it was a good opportunity to enjoy the attentions of some young females away from where their wives might get wind of their activities.

Ian had a buxom twenty something on his lap. She was licking his ear as he felt down inside her low cut top. “I could get used to this,” he murmured to his friend.

John could not have agreed more. His sexy companion was feeling around inside his pants. They were at a booth in a dark corner, and the hundred dollar bills the two of them at put on the table had encouraged the girls to go all out. After several hours of being teased and many glasses of champagne the men were ready to explode.

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