This book could not have been written without the cooperation of the wonderful people who have attended my classes and workshops for over twenty-five years and have freely shared their stories. I am grateful to my clients, people who are courageous in their determination to fee themselves from compulsive eating. I hope their stories will inspire you.

I offer respect and admiration to Gary Craig for creating EFT, a technique that has not only changed my life but has also allowed me to help so many others.

The case histories included in this book are based on the lives of real people. I have used fictitious names and disguised some facts to protect their confidentiality. Sometimes I have combined or simplified cases to present a point more clearly.



1. I Had to Write This Book

2. Desserts Is Stressed Spelled Backwards

3. Who Binge Eats?

4. Medical Dangers of Eating Disorders

5. A Lifetime of Struggle: Diets Don’t Work

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