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"The Lewis and Clark Chronicles Part 1- Fort Mandan to the Yellowstone River by Joseph Groth is history at its finest. Mr. Groth has transcribed Captain Lewis' journals with no embellishments at all. The only additions are information about the small fellowship, the native tribes that they encountered, or the addition of the modern names of the places that they discovered and named.

I especially enjoyed the wonder with which Captain Lewis wrote about the new things he was seeing, new animals and plants, foods and peoples. Each are described in detail, enabling those of us in the modern world, who are perhaps jaded by a world in which nothing is new any longer, to experience the excitement of a new world.

I normally enjoy the Fantasy genre, the small fellowship of peoples brought together by a common enemy to meet a final goal, travelling across a new world and forging friendships and adventure along the way. This is where that came from. A true adventure, hardship and joy, plenty and need, and loss along the way.

Lewis and Clark may be one of the most romanticized stories of our history. It was good to read the story written as it happened."

By bertiejf

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