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You Are The Monster

By: Jonathan Antony Strickland

When you first saw him you were surprised as only you knew how to get this far into your home. If only you had thought for a moment instead of letting your rage devour any semblance of intelligence within you. Then hate and hunger filled your body and brain like a thousand other times before as you prepared to kill him…gouging, ripping, tearing the flesh from his body for your first hate fuelled feast.

So why the pain?

You have felt pain before, but never like this. Throughout your life you’ve been punched, kicked, scratched and bit, you’ve collided at times with the walls of your home as fits of rage have consumed you, crashing around wildly, bruising and battering your own flesh, but you’ve never experienced pain like this, pain delivered and dealt out from the one who now stands in front of you.

And the red stuff oozing out from your body. How in Hades did he do that?

In his hands you see a shiny thing, short and bright, reflecting the dreary light from the torches that illuminate your lair as he points it steadily at your chest. It has to have something to do with that. Yes, that’s it, look! You see that droplets of the red stuff are still clinging onto the edge of shiny thing. It has to be this that he has used to hurt you.

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