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I want to give my appreciation to everyone who has turned to Michigan Spiders on-line, for you are the backbone of my knowledge. It was for you that I created the blog, and it was for you that I continued to add to it. Those who sent me pictures, whether it was a request for me to identify the spider, or just your thoughtfulness to send me new pictures, were a part in taking a simple idea for a blog and lifting it up to be a prominent place for people to learn about the world of spiders.

Most of all, however, I give a special thanks to those who gave me permission to use their pictures in this book and making it so much better than I ever could have without your ability with a camera. To all of you, thank you.

I would also give a special thanks to Karri Klawiter for creating the Cover for Michigan Spiders.

Table of Contents (By Name)

A Foreword from the Author

The Fear of Spiders

The Myth of the Black Widow and Brown Recluse

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