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Given Away: A Sicilian Upbringing

Praise for Given Away, A Sicilian Upbringing

A must-read! Compelling! Riveting! Courageous! Though time heals most anything, there are unfathomable stories of the human experience that must be told and retold again so that history can find its peace. Given Away is a novel inspired by true events that will capture the hearts and minds of readers everywhere. It is a dramatic work that retells the story of a young Italian girl, fraught with personal trials and tribulations—overcoming a life of challenges presented during World War II; and her ultimate journey to self discovery and her passageway to America. Given Away is a truly inspiring and stirring story that will touch the core soul of your very being! It is a novel that is sure to become a best-selling book and potential Hollywood blockbuster!”

—C.A. Bailey-Lloyd, Senior Social Media Specialist, Content Developer, Online Journalist, Copy Editor, Author, Professional Blogger and Social Media Consultant

“In this engaging first novel, we are introduced to the story of Tina, a little girl growing up in Italy during the first half of the twentieth century. We follow Tina from the time she is taken from her parents to live with her battered aunt and her abusive uncle, experience her heartbreaking inner tribulations of trying to understand why this happened, all the way through to her migration to America. Through it all, Tina’s tireless confusion and the obstacles that she is faced with as a young child are escalated by World War II’s devastation.

From a social worker’s stance, it is difficult to decide whether Tina is the subject of neglect, being given away to her loving aunt and unstable uncle. What she lacks in material items is compensated with unconditional love. It’s almost impossible for those of the twenty-first century to understand that in the first half of the twentieth century the ideology of child protection could be so skewed, yet accepted.

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