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J. Dawn Light

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Smashwords Edition

I have to thank my hubby first. If I don't, he'll cry...because he's really sensitive. Almost womanly. I didn't see this first-hand, but have been told of a time he cried over cheese. I believe it. The man loves cheese. So, thanks Buckles. For liking cheese and crying all the time.

My children too, are a big help. It's usually during one of my tirades on just how ridiculous fighting over a sock, a paper-clip, a ceiling-fan, a thirteen-year-old teddy bear, a piece of my hair, a used Band-Aid, or about a million other stupid, unimportant things is, when an idea will hit and I'll take off to write it down...leaving them, tied to a thirteen-year-old teddy bear by a piece of my hair and a used Band-Aid with a sock stuffed in their mouth, and paper-clipped to the ceiling fan. Thanks Braxton, Bryce and Bayli. For using any excuse imaginable to start punching each other in the face.

My extended family too. Just being subjected to my granny's sisters, my mom and my aunts has given me all the premonition I needed. I'm going to be a super-crazy old woman some day. I don't mean talking-to-the-overly-friendly-furniture crazy. That's interesting enough. No, I mean the, mom-please-don't-lick-my-new-boyfriend crazy. Or the Aunt-Anne-where-did-you-learn-to-twerk crazy. In other words...AMAZING! I'll always be amazing. Thanks family, for keeping it fresh.

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