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Spanking His Red-Headed Stepslut

Copyright 2013 Penelope Wilson

Published by Penelope Wilson at Smashwords

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Haley let out a long sigh as she climbed up the stairs towards her apartment, exhausted and energized at the same time. She had just finished her afternoon shift working at a restaurant, and while she was tired from spending hours on her feet, she was also looking forward to tonight. She had plans: Plans that involved going out, finding a guy, and bringing him back to fuck long and hard into the night.

She never had problems getting guys to take her up on her advances. Her long red hair went halfway down her back, and kept it tied back in a ponytail. She had loosened it after work, and it flowed down in a crimson cascade. She hadn't bothered to shake out the kink that the scrunchie had left, and her hair slowly worked its way to its natural state, brushing against the back of her starched white t-shirt.

She had laid out tonight's outfit before leaving for work in the morning, and after a quick shower she would be out on the town looking for a good time. The only thing that might be a complication in this plan was also the thing that made it the most fun: Her stepbrother, James.

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