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Evil Friend Pregnant Lover : By Sian Donegan (c) 2010

Chapter 1

Oh, excuse me.”

Scarlet had unknowingly walked straight into the most eligible author in town. She had no idea who he was but unknowns to her, he already knew who she was “no excuse me,” he said with a slight smirk on his face. She couldn’t help but giggle a very girly giggle at him. She knew straight away he was a charmer but the second they made eye contact, there was an instant attraction for both of them.

Scarlet continued to walk away thinking that she would probably never see him again, so when she was walking through town later that day and saw the tall handsome stranger, she was pleasantly surprised, but had a dull ache as she didn’t think he would remember her. When he approached her and commented by saying, “Scarlet, we really shouldn’t keep meeting like this,” she was extremely shocked, especially at the fact that he knew her name. She had absolutely no idea who he was let alone his name.

How do you know who I am and what my name is?” She asked with a confused look upon her delicate pale face.

Oh I know more about you than just your name,” he said with a cheeky smile upon his face.

Really, well good for you,” she said abruptly not amused by the comment that he seemed to know things about her, when she didn’t know anything about him.

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