Poems or Poetry (A Compilation) 1st Edition

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Nothing Beats a Failure but a Try”


Byron Goines

(In memory of the late Martha Brock)

Failure is nothing but a word, and as my wife and I were taught by her Aunt Martha, “Nothing beats a failure but a try,” although fear of failure lurks in the shadows, fear of the unknown, which is what stops some from stepping outside of the box to progress, but bravery is standing there waiting to be called upon, at which time bravery will crush fear, thereby stopping it from taking control, although fear may once again try to show its face, but bravery is always there waiting to be called upon, and will be there at a moment’s notice, to conquer fear at any time, as fear can only defeat bravery if it is allowed to do so. I decided long ago that I would not fear going down the road to success, with all of its detours, as I saw that a detour was just another way of getting to the destination, and although the detour may add more miles onto the journey, the destination will still be reached.

Everyone has purpose and destiny waiting to be fulfilled, and fear is one of the largest inhibitors to the fulfillment of purpose, destiny, and ultimate success.

Dreams are stolen by fear, and if the dreamer would have just kept going a little while longer, they would have arrived at the destination of success. Don’t give up on the dream, because that is what fear wants. Bravery wants to see bold movement toward the ultimate fulfillment of the dream. Fear wants to see failure and a life consisting of bad things. Bravery wants to see a life of prosperity and a life consisting of happiness. A person has to be willing to fail in order to succeed, and the difference is if one is willing to fail, fear has no hold on that person because of the willingness to fail, which is brought about through bravery, but if a person is fearful of failure, they won’t begin the journey to success, and because of that they will never get on the road to success, because in order to begin any journey one must first get on the road. One must be willing to shed themselves of fear through the utilization of bravery, so remember, whenever fear attempts to rear its ugly head, bravery is awaiting a call.

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