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To Robina, Jill and Lynn.

To my father, who has always been an inspiration.

To my mother, who has always been a support.


This history of painting is for people who can't tell Baroque from Gothic and Neoclassicism from Pre-Raphaelism and do not necessarily want to go there. It is produced by one who was in the same predicament not long ago. However, it is easier to appreciate and remember many paintings if you know what the painter is really trying to do, and where in the story his paintings fit in. Because a story it is. So to tell this story, we are going to make three mental buckets and sort out all the paintings in one of them. Some will not quite fit, but we will deal with that. We will keep this as simple as possible. All subchapter title paintings are part of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

NOTE: this book is in not produced by The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, which is not associated with it in any way.

This book is a companion book to the Met Tours iPhone application and contains four of its 9 tours.

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