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Come back to Lagos

The cab took a turn on 54th street heading towards the East Side. “Drop me off

on 2nd avenue I have a doctor’s appointment and I don’t want to be late due to your

bad driving”. The driver, George Onuku, an immigrant from Nigeria who has been

driving in New York for the past ten years took offence to the passengers ranting.

Sir, I cannot possibly be a bad driver if you are sitting calmly in my cab using the

keys of your Blackberry like your writing a novel.” The passenger started peering at

George’s I.D picture struggling to make out the name on the card. “George

Onukeee?” Asking as if waiting to be rewarded for making a cheap attempt to spell

his name. “O-n-u-k-u!!” “Not Onukeee!” Glaring at the passenger with the daily

frustration of yet another person mispronouncing his birth name. “Now, on top

of my driving, you are also butchering my name.” “All the lights on 54th street

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