Rebellious Flirt

Jillian Holmes

2013 © Jillian Holmes

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Rebellious Flirt

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A Club Named Desire Excerpt

I was standing on the sidewalk with one of my best friends, Kellie, waiting for Kellie’s uncle to pick us up. After the disastrous frat party, I called Kellie’s mom for a ride, but she was out of town and promised to send her younger brother to pick us up.

“I’m gunna puke,” Kellie whispered and then ran to perfectly manicured bushes that lined the sidewalk. She fell to her knees and heaved up every last drop of alcohol she had consumed in the last two hours.

I stood near her, patting her back but watching the road. I knew Kellie’s uncle drove some sports car, and wanted to make sure I caught his attention when he pulled up. I scanned the lawn to our left for signs of the drunks who tried get Kellie in bed without her consent. It irritated and infuriated me that upperclassmen would take advantage of a freshman. Not that it surprised me, really.

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