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The Bigfoot Chronicles

by Mike Palecek

Copyright 2013 Mike Palecek

Smashwords Edition

I’ve been looking for Bigfoot since the late ‘90s.

I’ve searched in Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota.

I started at Stone Park, which is just north of Sioux City,

Iowa. We lived in Sheldon, Iowa at the time. I drove the

hour from Sheldon many times and just walked around the

park. I had read reports from the ‘60s and ‘70s about

sightings at the park.

I spent time at the park off and on, for about ten years, I

suppose, until we moved to Minnesota.

Some of the things I observed:

Found one track, had knocking returned, had a big branch

broken, cracked, right by me immediately after I yelled out

a whoop call, had a whistle returned, heard a tree braking

sound on a recorder left overnight, found maybe a half

dozen tree, branch formations that were interesting. Also,

on an overnight campout heard bard owl sounds close to the

tent that I was certain were not really bard owls. That’s

probably the most interesting part of the years of the many

Stone Park trips I took.

Started going over to Newton Hills State Park maybe around

2008 or 2009. This is just over the Iowa/SD border, about

twenty minutes beyond Rock Valley, Iowa.

Had quite a few things happen there. Sounds, vocalizations,

found a blind or hiding spot made out of evergreen

branches, had two knocks returned and once had something

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