Setting goals

By Life with Quality

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In this story I will tell you why setting goals will significantly improve your rate of achievement, and have power over that which you would like to achieve. No longer will dreams be deception.

Once you get the hang of it, and others see your accomplishments you will earn the respect of others. Finally you will stop being the loser who doesn’t get what he wants.

Imagine yourself achieving your first goal. Learning a new language? Losing an amount of weight? You did it! Not another failed attempt. But another accomplishment!


Setting goals is how you communicate what you want to achieve from your conscious mind to your subconscious. By setting goals you create amazing potential.

This method works because we use 4 ways that give the right touch to your goals. Positivity, the present moment, make it specific and getting the message across. How many times did negative ideas really work out? Or only feeling the past? That’s because those things can not influence goals the way you’d like to.

-We’ll discuss how we can give positivity to your goals.

-We’ll talk about the present moment and why the past is the past.

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