The Boy Who Loved a Tree

By Robert G. Moons

(For ages 10+)

Copyright 2013 Robert G. Moons

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This is a story I’ve never told anyone, until now. I’m sure we all have stories within us that are left untold for one reason or another. Perhaps it’s a story that brings back too many painful memories. In my case, I always thought my story was silly and childish, and best left in my childhood memories. It shocks me to think my days of life, to date, outweigh my days remaining. Now that I am older, I have more time to reflect on my past. The more I think about this chapter of my life, the more I am convinced this story is not silly but, rather, sublime.

When I was a small boy, my parents and I would visit my grandparents at least once or twice a month. With my dad at the wheel of the family car, we would take the two-hour journey on a Sunday morning. My dad always took a short break at the halfway point to our destination. He said it was to stretch his legs, but I now know it was because of an old leg wound. My dad never talked much about the war, or anything related to it.

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