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Olivia Adams wakes from a horrible car accident that killed her parents. Only, she isn't Olivia. Olivia died, and now the soul living in her body needs to find out who - and what - she is.

Jacobi McKenzie has lived in Crescent, Montana for more years than he can remember, even though he's only seventeen. He's been waiting, but for what he isn't sure.

Jacobi recognizes Olivia for what she is before she's even aware of it herself. They come together in an explosion of emotion that neither of them are supposed to feel. Now Jacobi is in a fight for Olivia's life, protecting her from those who would use her for their own selfish purposes.

Whispers of Razari

by Cindy C Bennett and Jeffery Moore

Copyright 2013 Cindy C Bennett and Jeffery Moore

Smashwords Edition


“Varo!” she screamed. Her despair shivered into a million different souls. His death was too sudden to spare the others from feeling her hopelessness. She didn’t have time to protect them.

“Varo!” This time her gut-wrenching call was filled with fear. “Come back, Varo!” she shouted at the grassy fields extending before her. She fell to her knees, her maroon robe pooled on the ground like blood spilling from her.

“Come back . . . please,” she pleaded, staring into the empty space in front of her. Her connection to Varo’s soul streaked across the universe. Her arms tightly crossed her chest. She rocked while whimpering, “Come back,” the words cracking with grief. The connection between them reached a tautness even she couldn’t prevent from snapping. The profound snap and her wail shook the million other souls connected to her.

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