The Kaleidoscope

A Collection of Poetry

Volume I: Life

by Chantal Marie Cash

Copyright Granite Publishing L.L.C. 2013

Published Granite Publishing L.L.C. at Smashwords.


There are many types of styles of poetry. I have been writing poetry since I was about nine years old. There are many poems within this book that represent me as a person, but also that represent my spirit. I, like any of you, am on a journey.

This journey is conveyed through my poems. I see any poet as someone using words, rhyme and reason to describe their thoughts, emotions and other aspects of what it is to be human.

Poetry is a way to express oneself through the spirit of words. As part of my work as a Healer, Reiki Master, Past Life Dowser, and Hypnotist, among many other things, I choose writing as a significant form of expression and communication, be it with self, friends, co-workers, or Source.

My choice of poems and what I write about has changed and developed over the years, based on both my personal and spiritual journey. Others' poetry inspired me to write my own, and so I write, in hopes that I might inspire others to write their own.

The topics of my poetry consist of reverence for Nature, The Universe, and Source. I have written about love, friendship, creative endeavors and many other subjects. Some of them seemed to be automatic in nature, and there was nothing to do but write them until they were complete. My favorite poem is Dream of Atlantis. It is where my poetry took a new turn. So if you read no other poem, read Dream of Atlantis, below.

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