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Personal Matter

Anurakt Srivastava

Smashword edition 2010

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Personal matter

1 January 2009

Today my father gave me this diary but I didn’t know what to write here as today was boring and usual. I spent it thinking about the people who were having fun outside. If I knew that I was going to get a beautiful diary I would surely do something to make it good so that I would have something good to write. Because I don’t want to waste this diary. I will do something interesting tomorrow for sure because I don’t want to bore someone who would read my diary in future, without telling me, for entertainment. I won’t be much angry if someone will read my personal things because what is the use of anything if no one knows about it. Haha. That was not a joke. But I will lock this diary in the drawer for formality. Someday when I will be a hotshot, people will come looking for my personal things and then they will be glad on finding my diary. And it should be interesting and readable because they might read it on television.

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