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Grim Gambit

Book 2 of Amica Saga


Richard S. Tuttle

Copyright © 2013 by Richard S. Tuttle.

All rights reserved.

Smashwords Edition

All characters and events in this book are fictitious.

Any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.

Amica Saga Recap

The Amica Saga takes place four hundred years after the end of the Great Mage Wars of Amica.

In Avenging Shadow, Book One of the Amica Saga, young Marcus of Kor is torn away from his pleasant life as a village blacksmith when a man of mystery shows up at his family forge with a hiltless black sword. Within a single day, the family home and forge are burned to the ground, his father is imprisoned, and his mother is sold into slavery. Marcus manages to reunite his parents with the help of a mysterious young woman, but fate drives him into the camp of the rebellion where he witnesses the brutality of a tyrannical regime. The rebels train Marcus to become an assassin, their Avenging Shadow, to be turned loose within the halls of corrupt power.

Aiding his mission are two Lantanan mages, disparate in their reasons for helping the rebel assassin. Antioch, the Head Archivist of Lantana, gives Marcus the legendary Sword of Articus, a sentient weapon that can deflect magical projectiles and pierce magical shields. Mari, an enforcer for the Supreme Council of Mages of Lantana, is forced to ally with the Avenging Shadow in order to enforce the Vow that is being broken by rogue mages.

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