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Section One: The Threads That Bind Our Tender Souls

You could look at life planning as a huge tapestry, one that would cover the wall of this room and much, much more, and each thread is an option within that plan. There are literally billions of threads within each tapestry of life, and each is an option. And although we may plan a specific tapestry when coming in, it is almost guaranteed that, in the physical, the tapestry will be shifted due to our free will. It is one of the reasons we leave ourselves so many options and so many connections.

Chapter 1

The Other Side of the Tapestry

The Joy

The timeline of lessons and what I have learned as John’s mother is as accurate as I can recall. It was pointed out to me in the early stages of writing the book that I had forgotten the Joy. For this I must thank my niece Jen.

Each day of our lives as a family was sprinkled with joy, just like fairy dust. The financial gift of owning J & R Flooring allowed us the money, the connections and the resources to travel and shower our children with great gifts, lessons in hard work, respect for every one who worked for us, and gratitude for those we were privileged to serve. These lessons were not taught; they were caught. My daughters continue to bless the flooring industry with the love and feminine leadership. I am very, very proud of them. When David, now my husband, came into my life, he continued to gift our family with joy every step of the way. John’s life was filled with music, laughter, vacations, toys and a huge family who adored him. He became the party planner, the travel agent and the resource for creative musicians and wrote music that will live on forever. He was the guy in the neighborhood who everybody loved. He didn’t fit into our current model of learning but he educated himself through the Science and Discovery TV channels and his very favorite, Animal Planet. I was relieved he had already crossed over before the death of Steve Irwin (aka the Crocodile Hunter) because he would have been inconsolable after Steve’s tragic death. As it turned out, John may have been first in line to welcome Steve to the other side.

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