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“Popguns & Pacemakers”

… Patriotism, in a small town, and other tales

of The Great American Westerly Midwest

by Mike Palecek

Copyright 2013 Mike Palecek

Original artwork copyright Monty Borror

Smashwords Edition

[Robert S. Thompson, a gentleman on a bench on Main Street]

To the editor,

On November 11 we honor the veterans of our nation’s wars.


Why honor the killing, the stealing of other nations’ resources, not to mention the starving of our own people, for the military.

And our military does not protect our freedom with all this killing.

The members of the United States military are thugs, enforcers for the empire.

If we really wish to honor those who have given us the good life, look to those who fought and died and suffered prison to win for us the eight-hour day, minimum wage, to end to the Vietnam War.

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