The goal of Emotional Sound Techniques Association is to be pioneers in the research of using sound, crystals and light to aid in the healing of our body; Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental.

Our intention is to teach this to the



Introduction by Regina Murphy, L.M.T.

Human beings are very complex. We are able to identify four aspects that work together and are very separate and distinct from each other; the physical, the spiritual, the emotional and the mental. Imagine they are like “four legs” on a stool. Each is independent yet all need to work together in balance in order for the “stool” to perform at its highest potential. Each leg on the stool needs to be understood and is treated by different procedures if the stool needs adjustment. For example, you would not go visit your priest or spiritual advisor if you break your leg or have a headache any more than you would go to a doctor if you were experiencing a spiritual conflict in your life. The time of treating emotional upset with pills that only hide the symptoms is outdated with the development of Energy Psychology and the tools it has developed and made accessible to heal our emotional bodies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Energy Psychology combined with the use of specific frequencies and harmonics of sound and specific crystals are the building blocks of Emotional Sound Techniques. Each of these modalities and tools, in and of themselves, are healing tools of the highest order. The combination of them is the difference between one solo performer and a symphony. Each instrument adds just the right vibration to the completed masterpiece. In this class, you will be introduced to each of these tools, the founders, and their philosophies and the available resources to further your education in these areas. You will learn how to practice this modality on yourself, loved ones and your clients.

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