The Siege

By L L Watkin

Published by L. L. Watkin at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 L. L. Watkin

Andy woke up. He didn’t want to, but three long minutes dragged by as he failed miserably to reverse the situation. His legs and back still ached from the training session that he’d been forced to struggle through yesterday afternoon. It had seemed like hell at the time but now it was the morning of a new day and he could barely remember it. All his yesterdays had become vague like that.

Pushing away the double layer of standard issue blankets he swung his legs over the edge of the bunk and dropped to the smooth plastic floor. On the lower bed Jackie, from the noon to midnight shift, was still sleeping soundly so he sat on the floor to pull on his boots and jacket. The rest of his clothes he hadn’t bothered to take off. It was too cold and the sergeants had better things to worry about than stains, tears and bad BO. The whole bare barracks stank of the sweat and grime of men and women packed too tightly and worked too hard. There was nothing but the smell and mess to say anyone lived there, every row of bunks the same as the one before. Personal mementoes had been left in orbit on the transport ships. The landers only carried men, supplies and equipment – and not enough of that to go round.

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