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Intern’s Diaper Discipline

Sofia Bane

Copyright June 2013, Sofia Bane

Smashwords Edition

Kohl-Mercer Holdings was my first paid job – technically a paid internship in college, but it was prestigious enough that it was supposed to catapult me into fame and fortune in the business world. I had been appointed to the position of Executive Assistant to Everett Mercer, the CEO who was brilliant but notoriously difficult. It would be good experience, I thought, to learn to work with particularly demanding people. God knows I would meet enough of them in the business world. But as it turned out, Mr. Mercer was particular in some very unusual ways.

It became apparent at the end of my first week. After a morning of research, drafting emails, and occasionally refilling coffee, I was wiped out. Standing, I cracked my back to release the tension of sitting at a desk for too long, and then I excused myself to the bathroom.

But when I came back, I was stopped short by Mr. Mercer himself, standing in his office and glowering at me, behind his desk that I had just vacated. “Graham,” he said, his handsome face stony, “where were you just now?”

“Ah….” I didn’t like admitting it, as stupid as that sounds. “Restroom, sir. What can I do for you?”

But Mr. Mercer’s expression remained severe. “You just missed a call from Lim. I returned her call myself,” he stressed the word, “but no answer.”

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