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Eons of Darkness Book #1

The Purging

By Reed Bosgoed

Copyright 2013 Reed Bosgoed

Smashwords Edition

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From a blackened screen, an image slowly comes into view. A single man sits calm and cross legged on an ornate sofa. He is tremendous in stature, seven feet tall and heavily muscled, dressed in a finely tailored suit and wearing glistening gem encrusted jewelry on every finger. Flanked on both sides by flowing azure banners emblazoned with a red crest depicting what appears to be a naked human bowing before a massive gaping maw. No sound can be heard beyond the low hum of a single halogen bulb hanging overhead. After a brief moment, the figure leans forward into the light.

His visage is gnarled and twisted. The skin is a sickly pale white with an interconnected string of scars up and down the sides of both cheeks from the base of the chin to just beneath the eyes. The twin bottomless pits emit a faint crimson glow. They are hollow; without emotion, without pupils. What is left of the nose is nothing more than a crooked bump and a single nostril. He opens his mouth into a wide grin, revealing several rows of elongated and jagged teeth. A mass of long white hair is tied back in a neat ponytail. After a quick glance off frame, he nods and begins to speak.

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