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This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

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Author’s note

In preparing Cry of the Peacock for publication, it became evident that certain elements in the opening chapter were not necessary to the general arc of the story, that the book might, in fact, begin with an interview between the brothers, from whom the reader might get the bulk of the background. I made the difficult decision of cutting out the first five chapters (approximately 20,000 words) in the hope that it would be a more concise, quicker paced beginning, and one that cut to the heart of the true conflicts the characters were to face. It was, however, a sacrifice.

In the spirit of preservation, and because at one time it did seem important to explain how these two sisters found themselves in their predicament, I offer those first few chapters, reworked into the form of a short story. The Invitation is not an excerpt, it is not intended to be a teaser, it is simply for those who wish to know what they might be missing in the original version of the story.

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