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A short story by

Janice Gallen

Published by Janice Gallen at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Janice Gallen

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The sweet aroma from the cake wafted in the air and Amy breathed it in, savouring the smell. Chocolate. Everyone’s favourite. What colour would she use to ice it? White, she decided. It would match John’s hair. She would add colour with the candles. Of course she couldn’t fit eighty-five candles on the cake. She would outline the numbers with them.

Oh, she hoped that Gerry and Rob would stay for the whole evening with Melanie and Sally, and the grandkids, of course. She shook her head. John had lost his temper with their youngest grandson Jake last time he’d visited, complaining about the rings Jake had in his nose, tongue and eyebrows. She’d agreed they looked silly, but she wished he’d said nothing. It was hard enough, she knew, for Sally to get her sons to come and visit them, now they had girlfriends.

Peck! Peck! Peck!

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