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I would also like to thank Cannon, Eric Easterly, Michael Knabusch, Brady Hagan, Srass, Tyco, Matthew Pursley, Taylor Fultz, Shane Patrick, Brent Dorsey, the Amazing Adrian, Zato Dragon, Serena El-Farra, Breve, Conner Coon, Rob Calhoun, John Yakimow, Ceithen, Brophey, Scott "Atpaw" Boyd, and Gaby Fullerton.

Thanks to Iron Spike and Kickstarter for making this book possible.

Finally, all my love to the very patient boyfriend of mine.


The sun's rays filtered through the canopy of trees, warming the snow leopard while he shoveled more dirt from the ground. The hole was shoulder deep now, but Mikhail hadn't found any sign of the chest. He pulled out the map from the inner pocket of his Thinsulate vest, his eyes darting back and forth from the tree, with its thick roots and wide trunk, to the map and its handwritten notes.

Even as sure as he was, could he have made a mistake? Might his search, which spanned several weeks--precious time he could have spent with his wife Victoria and little Ivan--be in vain? If so, then he had failed his family, and surely they would suffer even more for his foolish endeavor.

"Nyet," Mikhail mumbled as he folded up the map before returning it to his vest pocket. The thoughts stubbornly clung to him, trying to slow down his efforts. They tried to make him give up and go back to the motherland. Perhaps he should. He missed his wife and son. Maybe they could make do with their meager wages. Maybe they could--

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