They knew about Euler's number and quarks and C++. They weren't ready for


It's 1999. James and his friends are your typical MIT students. They just want to drink a few beers, maybe talk to some girls, and play their favourite old-school shooter on clunky home-made augmented reality goggles. They didn't mean to mess with ancient magic. They didn't mean to summon a mute, muscle-bound space marine with Schwarzenegger’s tact and Stallone's fashion sense.

But they did.

Now men in black suits with names like John and John are asking questions, and they're not asking nice. It'll take everything James and his friends have to stay alive. Four kids and a fictional character versus the shadiest parts of the military industrial complex.

This Ain't Literature.

Beta Commando

A novella by Aaron Matthews

Copyright 2013 Aaron Matthews

Smashwords Edition

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I mean, it's three bucks.

Dedicated to the memory of Sean Collier, MIT Patrol Officer

shot dead in April 2013, and all other victims of gun violence.

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