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Moan Lisa

Published by Mermaid Press at Smashwords

Public Domain

It is a gnawing at my soul;

a bleeding out of everything I own,

all my body’s blood extracted;

I cannot contain the grief of your escape,

I will set you in chains.

Since the first touch of your skin,

I’ve been entombed; separated from your

existence, by wires and mesh of cicuitry;

Our constellation has exploded;

and set the universe in flames,

And therein lies my grief, and my pain;

you are departed; and not mine;

separated through space and time to be

without each other.

Never had I the nerve, to deconstruct your world;

and so I'd sometimes break and fracture your

constructive lies; I've lived so many thousand

years it seems, sometimes; while you are letting

cannonballs fly; at night when no one's watching

them, but the destruction never ends;

You are my soul's reaper,

take what you pay for;

get what you have given;

send in the fury,

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