There are many legends that the Cherokee Indians have in their history. One such legend is of a Medicine man name Showatanka. He was a tall, very masculine looking man with long dark hair, and skin the color of deep amber. He was impressive to look at to anyone who saw him. His wife, Tanis was equally as beautiful and attractive as well.

They were in fact a perfect couple except for the fact they could not together have children. This is their main cause of grief. The medicine man consults the spirits of the heavens, of the earth, the water and fire and tries to convince them to let his wife become pregnant. All of his prayers and deepest sorrow were to no avail and his wife continued to be barren.

He decided to take drastic action one night while the village was asleep. He went into a deep part of the woods that had a small clearing beneath the canopy of what seemed like 1000 heavy leaved trees near a cold gray stone the size of the boulder .He could hear the water of a nearby stream rushing over the rocks and spilling down a small water fall he knew well.

He knelt down and put his face in the palms of his hands against the cold dark earth. As his warm tears touch the soft ground he began to pray to spirits other than that of the light. After many sorrowful tears and and evil chants that contained ancient spells, and forbidden sounds his fatal cry was answered by a voice that sounded almost like a rumbling snarl as it rose from the deep dark earth and surrounded his body like a thick fog... and just as dense. He lifted his head only to see that there was nothing around him…he did not know where the sound was coming from. It poured through his soul and was very frightening to him. The hair all over his body stood on end as he waited to hear the snarl of the thick voice surround him again.

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