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Startstrikers is a highly recommended book; I found it to be a fresh new twist on a Space Opera series that provides good hooks into a bold new world that is gritty, action packed and adventurous. The story line is excellent and well thought out. It encapsulates good use of scientific theory and imagination; all while delivering strong characters that are fascinating and motivational to the cause. Each chapter continued to slowly draw me nearer to what I was hoping to be a grand finally, with and explosive conclusion, but at the end I was left with a strong addiction for wanting more. Beware; this series is going to get your senses and tap your curiosity in ways that go well beyond the average thought process. If you like Space stories this is as good as it gets.” – Christopher Morgan, Amazon Review

This book is really good. The world that the story is set in is well defined. The characters are interesting and exciting. The action is good. The story flows pretty good too. The details are good and make it easy to picture each scene as you read it.” – Jeffery S. Love, Amazon Review

Starstrikers is a fantastic foray into Sci-Fi which should be an enjoyable read for all ages. Ken McConnell does a fantastic job painting a complicated universe that has a life all of it's own. For younger readers it is a great introduction sci-fi and for those of us a bit older, it is a great story that brings back fond memories of my first time reading through Starship troopers. Definitely worth a read!” – Nathan Mcintyre, Amazon Review



Ken McConnell

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