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Dark Fire - Literary Written Art Award

What do you do when you know the very survival of your realm is threatened – and nobody will listen?

Continuing in the best traditions of high fantasy, the contemporary saga of the Feyree Chronicles blossoms with this suspense-filled adventure. When the Firelord, Tvashtar Tizon, petitions the Feyree Council to form an alliance, many feyree insist he is presenting them with a rare opportunity. Yet while Tizon’s motives seem sincere, Danai and Joson are increasingly suspicious of their former friend – and so is the Lady of the Lake. Few heed their warnings, and when the dragon attacks, even the ael dismiss the threat of Tizon’s fire daemiani. But the Tvashtar’s fiery realm of Nonetre is withering, and Eshel, his scheming high councilor, believes the prophecy foretells far more than just a simple alliance...

A riveting tale of magic, danger, plots, dreams, and ultimate betrayal that will engulf two realms, forcing feyree, dwarves, and ael into a perilous struggle to discern truth from trouble as two ancient prophecies pit friends against each other in a battle of beliefs.


I am anxiously awaiting the publication of Newcorn’s final book in this series… The Krisalys Chronicles of Feyree trilogy would make a great addition to anyone’s library… they belong there right next to other great series like Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien or Inheritance by Christopher Paolini.” - Rebecca’s Reads

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