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"I became a die hard fan of Marcus Wynne after his first three novels and anxiously awaited "With A Vengeance." The wait was well worth it. Marcus puts you into his novels like no other can. The reader will receive a rare glimpse into the minds of both good and evil...The fight scenes in this book are the most realistic and graphic that I have read...Marcus Wynne is a been there, done that warrior from the old school... I cannot recommend this book highly enough." SOT 364

"For readers of military/LE fiction this book will be a welcome addition to their libraries. Marcus Wynne's description of CQB/CQC is a chew your lips off adrenaline rush. The weapons, technique and mindset descriptions put Brad Thor and Vince Flynn to shame. Mr. Wynne's obvious familiarity with violence lends his writing a level of authenticity unmatched by others and will satisfy the adrenaline junkie in you. Warning, the fight scenes are not for the faint of heart." T2J

"I made the mistake of sitting down to read "just the first few pages" before going to bed, and ended up having to force myself to put it down only after the sun started creeping its way through my blinds, if I was going to get even a modicum of sleep. Unlike other authors of this genre Marcus has clearly 'been there, done that and got the t-shirt'.." Nicholas Hughes

"If you go no more than 50 pages into this book you will read what terrorism truly is, in terms that are clear, lucid and absolutely frightening. I simply can't imagine how people deal with the experiences Wynne describes in such vivid detail. Picture Flight 93. Now imagine having an aisle seat." Atlanta Survivor

"Marcus Wynne fans will be delighted that he's back, literally with a vengeance, delivering the type of authentic detail that makes his books favorites with those actually in the business of violence...Early in the tale there is an attack scene aboard an aircraft, which is simply the best description of close-quarter combat I've ever read. Marcus Wynne knows the world of the gun and the knife and takes his hero through a quest for training and knowledge in the realities of combat." Dennis Martin

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