Why are some businesses more successful than others? Most business owners make the mistake of thinking they are in the business of sales, service or production but the reality is that whether you like it or not, you’re in the business of marketing.

You are in the business of marketing the product or service you sell.

In business, there is often little or nothing left in the marketing piggy bank. “Marketing with No Money” will provide you with strategies to get your business ‘out there’ - not only surviving, but thriving no matter what the economic climate.

* Get your Logo Everywhere

* Viral Marketing Made Easy

* How to build a Powerful Database

* Get your Clients Talking

* The Hidden Value of Awards

* Press Releases with Punch

* To Blog or not to Blog

* Writing your way to free publicity

* Finding a story in you

* Affiliate Marketing ... Get a Workforce for free

* SEO...Make your Website Search Engine Friendly

* And MUCH more...

These strategies may take some time, but not dollars. I challenge you to grab a copy of “Marketing with No Money” and reap the rewards.


It is about time someone put forward an easy-to-follow book about the important elements of managing and promoting a successful business in today’s fast moving world.

--Steve Loe, Founder of Australian Small Business Champion Awards

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