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Time Flow

Garret opened the pod bay doors and floated into space. The small research facility wasn't due for a maintenance check, but he felt like going out there. Space felt so free and open, yet the silence and darkness made it almost claustrophobic. The end result was a kind of strange peace that settled over him, and pushed all the concerns of his day to the side. He hadn't been out for more than a few minutes when he heard an incoming transmission through his suit.

Garret, do you read?” a voice said.

Yeah, what's the problem?” Garret replied, annoyed at the interruption.

Someone from the military brass is calling an urgent meeting, get back here ASAP!” the voice answered.

Ok Sid, I'm on my way back,” Garret sighed . He carefully made his way back to the pod bay doors. Upon his arrival the doors opened and he gracefully floated into the airlock. The first green light turned on, signifying that the door had sealed behind him properly. Next the second light came on and he was sprayed from above with decontamination fluids. After about 30 seconds the torrent stopped, the inner doors opened and Garret heard a distinct dinging sound. Every time he went through this procedure he felt as if he was a microwave dinner, ready to be served. He removed his suit and then stepped into the facility. Sid was waiting for him.

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