A Compendium of Short Stories

Jeff Tikari

Copyright 2010, Jeff Tikari at Smashwords

A Smashwords edition

This is a delightful collection of crisp and intriguing short stories that will enliven and charm your leisure hours. The writer employs the ‘Today-technology’ of story telling: An economy of words; a simplicity of style; and a tempo and cadence that match the brisk life-style of today.

About The Author: Jeff Tikari spent his formative years in the deep forests of Bihar to which he returned at every school break, hunting, shooting, and trekking in the forest and hills there.

He joined work on the tea plantations of northern India and worked there for eighteen years, from 1959 to 1977; and later, on coffee and tea plantations in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea for fifteen years. He now resides on the outskirts of Delhi with his wife where he runs a Homeopathic clinic and from where he does all his writing.

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