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Facts about this book

This Part Four contains facsimiles of 56 pages of Operation Plan Neptune -

Annex H Communication Plan.

This copy of Operation Plan Neptune contains 247 pages of typewritten text. The fore-edge is punched at the top and bottom and fits on to two thick metal prongs which are fixed to a thick black, coated cardboard cover. The back cover is missing. All the pages are brittle and faded with age. The Plan was in the possession of Marcus Jefferson Geerts, 1st Mate on the SS Empire Anvil and passed into the Geerts' Family Archives. For details of his career and SS Empire Anvil, see the end of the book.

(Note: some electronic versions of this book indicate a small number of pages - this is because pages with images are not counted!)


Operation Neptune was the naval Channel crossing phase of Operation Overlord, the code-name given to the Allied invasion of France. An armada of 4,000 vessels transported the Allied invasion forces to Normandy Beach on D-day, June 6, 1944, and the SS Empire Anvil was part of that armada.

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