(Thanks to a late friend named Sara for coming up with the initial premise for this story involving Samhain [the Celtic celebration on the same night as Halloween, use Google or Wikipedia to find more details if you wish to] and a computer of some kind. Which, given that I wanted to go back to my old Irish roots, meant it had to be a time-travel-type story. The MC method is slightly hidden, but, if you think about it ...)

It's Not Leaving Old Ireland ...

(Dublin, October 25, 2007)

Siobhan Donovan almost raced out of her busy workplace in town that lunchtime; she was looking forward to just over a week of well deserved holiday, including spending, and of course celebrating Samhain in the quaint old Irish town of Boston, Massachusetts. And, before anyone says Boston isn’t in Ireland, it certainly has the feel of an Irish town, so ...

Carrying her case and travel bag, she hailed a taxi and headed for Heuston Station to catch the train to Tralee, the intention being to spend a day or so with her family before flying out from Shannon on Saturday morning. She intended to visit Blennerville the next day, one of the many traditional departure points for the new world so many years ago, whereas now people simply flew there from Shannon Airport, a little distance up the west coast, and got there in considerably less time! Indeed, members of her own family had left from Blennerville in the 1840s diaspora, never again to return to Ireland, so not only was it a link to Samhain, but a link to her past as well.

The train journey passed easily enough, the change of trains at Mallow going smoothly, and soon she relaxed into a much calmer way of life, more to the nature of life in the West of Ireland. She pulled out her faithful laptop and began to type a few e-mails to her friends, even though she wouldn’t be able to actually send any of them until she got to her family home. She planned to take the laptop with her; the hotel she was staying in had complimentary wi-fi, so, why not?

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