Vendetta: A Marona Novel by Elizabeth Tybush

Copyright 2013 Elizabeth Tybush

Published in 2013 by Elizabeth Tybush

Smashwords Edition

The world of Marona, including (but not limited to) its history, lore, maps, and characters Copyright 2006 Elizabeth Tybush and Frank Tybush

All rights reserved.

Cover image and design by Frank Tybush and Elizabeth Tybush

Maps of Marona designed and created by Elizabeth Tybush

Modern Antiqua” (also known as “ModernAntiqua”) © 2011 wmk69

Modern Antiqua” is the font used on the Cover and Maps. It can be obtained at

Modern Antiqua” is used in accordance with the SIL Open Font License.

ISBN: 978-0-9896933-0-1

This is a work of fiction. All characters, entities, and events presented in this work are purely fictitious. Any similarities or resemblances to real people, living or dead; real entities, living, dead, existing, operating, or defunct; and/or real events, past or present; and/or any tangible or intangible thing, entity, or concept not covered thus far; are not intentional and are purely coincidental.

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