This Texas Hold’em course was written by two professional poker players whose goal was not for notoriety but to educate the new, up and coming Texas Hold’em players, as well as those players who want to improve, change, and enhance their game. One author is a former teacher and educator and is now a writer and professional poker player specializing in cash games. The co-author is a former accountant, business manager and owner and is also now a writer and professional poker player.


Do you have the time?

Do you want to take the time to learn to play Texas Hold’em?

How many hours are you willing to put in each week?

Do you have the time to be patient?

Do you have the bankroll?

What are your expectations?

Can you learn from your mistakes?

Can you treat every day as a learning experience?

Can you play each session long enough to learn and read your opponents?

Note: Playing an hour on the way to work or only an hour after work is not an option!

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