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Copyright 2013 Peter Ackers

Smashwords edition 2013

INT. old kitchen - night

We slowly PAN ACROSS a room. It looks like a household kitchen from the turn of the twentieth century. We pass an old fireplace, an ironing board with an old World War 1 army uniform draped over it. Then we pass a baby’s cot with a sleeping plastic baby in a blanket, and sweep by a rocking chair with a mannequin housewife sitting dressed in clothing from that era. If we think we’re in the past, that illusion is dispelled when we see a table move into shot: there is a MOBILE PHONE on it, which starts to RING.

A man now appears, moving into shot to answer the phone. This is NICK HAYNES, late thirties, somewhat handsome, lean, but otherwise nondescript and plain. His clothing is as modern as his phone.

nick (into phone)



At work. I told you.


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