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Johnny Buckethead

by Victor Storck

Copyright 2013 Victor Storck

Smashwords Edition

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Dedicated to Holly and Lily, the first two members of my reading club. Young ladies, I can't thank you enough for reading my stories.

Could Edward Stuckey help it if he was born with a head shaped exactly like a plain old ordinary bucket? Of course not. Wasn’t his fault, wasn’t his mother’s, wasn’t his father’s. Once in a very great while these kind of strange things happen when babies are born.

Edward’s head sloped up and out from his neck, and his thick, wavy black hair lined the entire inside of his buckethead. His mother and father were very relieved when they realized everything else about Edward was perfectly normal. Having a bucket shaped head didn’t make Edward talk different or act different. Except for his buckethead, Edward was as normal as any other young boy.

Mr. and Mrs. Stuckey didn’t care one bit about his buckethead. They loved him with all their hearts. His mother would often call him “her sweet little bucket boy.” Edward loved his mother and father as much as they loved him. Since his parents were so loving and caring, Edward didn’t mind that he had no brothers or sisters.

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