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Josh sat down and waited for his friends.  It was a cold day, but Josh was only wearing a long-sleeved, black shirt.  He opened his book to where he stopped reading in the car.  It was a slow point in the book, so he looked up to see Rachel and Elyssa (her full name Elizabeth) walking toward him.  He stood up and hugged Rachel, showing the greatest extent of their complicated relationship.

            Earlier in the year they had both admitted to each other that they were attracted to each other.  From there they each agreed to ask their parents if they could go out.  Rachel's mom yelled at her and said that she couldn't have a boyfriend until high school.  From there they had agreed to go out in later and have had a subtle relationship ever since.

            Rachel and Elyssa proceeded to talk about their Spanish class that Josh did not share.   Josh, used to this kind of thing, stared into the sky, thinking about if he forgot to do some homework or something.

"Yo? Josh? Are you listening?" asked Rachel.

"Oh, yeah sorry.  Just thinking," replied Josh.

"Its fine, Elyssa and I were just talking about how at the end of this week is Thanksgiving break, and how much it will suck.  Well, at least I think it will suck, because I won't be able to see you," at this point both Rachel and Josh smiled ", but Elyssa thinks it will be fun because of no homework.  What do you think?" beamed Rachel.

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