A Gladiator’s Dilemma

Published by Oliver Ma at Smashwords

Eric Aldon couldn’t wait to go on to the big ship docked in

Carthage. Not only was it big, it was a war ship. Though he could

hardly see the hard bronze ram at the end,he admired it. Joining

the army was all he could think of.

Hector, beside him, was jumping up and down, obviously

with the same feeling as Eric.

Eric had dreamed of joining the army all his life. His dad had

fought the Romans. Though Carthage lost the war, his once thin

daddy came home, muscular, rich, and full of honor. Now a young

of 18, black haired man, Eric was strong for his age. He was fair

and nearly everyone liked him. He had colored light skin and a

credit to his father. To think of it, he might be a war hero and came

home rich too.

Afriend led a whole band up the hill toward him. It was Zing,

Eric’s childhood friend and companion. Zing was going to join the

army too.

He shared many good feelings with Zing. They were like head

and body that couldn’t be separated.

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