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Theory Ball

By Jack Ritter

Jack writes poetry, flash fiction, and comedy. His writing has appeared in Austin International Poetry Festival's 2008 anthology, Red River Review- Aug 2010, and 2010-2 Illya’s Honey. By trade, he’s a video game programmer. He’s published original algorithms in 3D graphics. He also creates large format ink-jet art prints.

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I have a pet theory. It states that the universe exists ultimately in the form of a bicycle. This hypothesis is no laughing matter. I keep my pet theory in my left front pocket.

There are those who would seek to kill it by disproving it. They are competent physicists, mind you. But they would hold my bicycle theory up to the light, and puncture it with sharp logic. They would be successful, for my theory is not yet fact, because it's so new. That's why it must stay in my front pocket to incubate, except for at night, when I take it out and fondle it.

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